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Kevin Joyce4 months ago

It’s that time of year again. 1st April rolls around and seemingly every videogame developer becomes a comedian; with virtual reality (VR) being no exception. Throughout the years the team at VRFocus has worked diligently to ensure that its readers aren’t mislead. Here at VR/AR Pioneers however, we’re more interested in sharing the bright ideas that the developers and their marketing departments have come up with!

Tainted Fate screenshot

Tainted Fate: Slightly Less Tainted

We’re starting the day going in hard. Developer Misfit Village launched Tainted Fate, an oppressively violent VR videogame, as a Steam Early Access title nearly one year ago. Today however, the studio is reporting that they have listened to the audience feedback and updated their experience accordingly. Gone are the dismemberment, excessive blood splatter and metal soundtrack, and instead we have brightly coloured Gummy Bears to maim.

Tainted Fate Gummy Bears Update

I actually hope Misfit Village decide to roll this out as a genuine alternative setting at some point.

Funcom to Bring Conan to VR

Funcom has been a pioneer in the MMO space for over a decade, and their latest title, Conan Exiles, has seen continued growth both in content and player numbers since its launch in 2018. What better way to capitalise on that success than with a new spin-off title, and with a VR mode to boot? Conan Chop Chop will launch never, and will be available for no formats. I’d probably play it if it did, though.

Valve Index: Are you confused? You should be.

OK, so Valve announced their own internally developed VR head-mounted display (HMD) on 30th March 2019 (good!). It was a teaser with little little information (bad!) but the promise that more information would be delivered on 1st May 2019 (great!). Then, on 1st April 2019 (hoho, careful now!) a Steam page was discovered (since removed) offering far more detail on the HMD, including a reported release date of June 2019. Apparently, though not complete, the information which appeared upon said page (screenshotted below) was indeed accurate. So, what’s left to reveal next month?

$$$. That’s what.


Valve Index

So the biggest April Fools joke wasn’t actually an April Fools joke? Yeah, you’re welcome to think that one’s a cop out. But more importantly, now you have plenty of details to start strategising for this new launch. Valve are undoubtedly going to put some weight behind the Valve Index, so good luck reaching that brand new audience!

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