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In May 2019 a small group of talented, passionate virtual reality (VR) industry professionals gathered in Split, Croatia. The agenda? To discuss the current momentum of the immersive technology industry and work together for the benefit of all involved. Below you can find the highlights of the event.


It’s no secret that the adoption rate of consumer virtual reality (VR) has been slower than many expected. With the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) having now surpassed 4 million unit sales and high-hopes for the recently released Oculus Quest, we’re arguably at an inflection point wherein consumer adoption will begin increasing dramatically and stay on that path for the next few years. But within those few years it’s still highly likely that some developers...


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has attracted attention from all over the globe since its rebirth back in 2013, from indie developers through hardware manufacturers and even large multi-national corporations. Tencent, the China-based technology company with over 50,000 employees, has taken strides to support both the hardware and software aspects of these mediums. VR/AR Pioneers regular contributor Eddie Avil recently sat down with Dhaval Joshi, Senior Product Manager AR/VR,  Tencent, to discuss his views on...