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Eddie Avil2 weeks ago

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Pankaj Raut, CEO-Founder of DimensionNXG, who are amongst the first few startups in the immersive tech space here in India. I remember bumping into Pankaj for an AR/VR Meet-up back in 2016, and he remains as enthusiastic and passionate for XR as he was back then.


Dimension NXG is building India’s first augmented reality (AR) headset and they are calling it “Ajnalens” they have two variations: AJNABUILD and AJNAONE, both largely catering to enterprise and planned for launch in September 2019.

On probing him why they chose to call it Ajnalens, he explained that “AJNA” is a Sanskrit word (Sanskrit is the language of ancient India). According to Indian tradition, it is the third-eye chakra. The Ajna chakra is your centre of intuition, a balanced Ajna chakra invites clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanding imagination and visualisation. 

We Spoke about his entrepreneurial journey and vision he was super candid and presented pure facts without glorification; that it’s been a tough but exciting ride heading an immersive tech company and being a part of a company that is building India’s first AR headset. As a team they have seen tough times and naysayers, and it was difficult to convince people or investors on the merits of their product or the vision. Plus, being the first mover there was innumerable disadvantages but it also had a few advantages.

Dimension NXG counts some of India’s most visionary investors as their backers: Vijay Shekhar Sharma-Founder & CEO Paytm, Nailesh Khimji-Director of the Khimji Ramdas (KR) Group of Companies, Chetan Kajaria-Joint Managing Director at Kajaria Ceramics plus Japan Vyas as an Investor/Board Member, Founder, Roots Ventures. 

Dimension NXG was started with a passionate quest to evolve the most powerful tool that humans have “the computer” to a new dimension where the digital and real world seamlessly integrate. Opening up possibilities of mastering skills instantly, holographic teleportation, x-ray vision, clairvoyance and many more. 


AR has the power to transform industries like healthcare, education, aerospace, construction, etc and they have a long list of enterprise clients that they service including the Indian Armed Forces & Navy.

We are on a passionate quest to show that breakthrough products can come from India. India has huge talent and rich Vedic wisdom that just needs a platform to prove itself. 

I personally share the same views that it is time India starts producing technology of global value, and wish to see an Indian Company create an impact like Apple, Google or Facebook.

I am super excited that India will have its own AR headset Soon, Eagerly waiting for the Launch of “AJNALENS” India’s first AR Headset. You can find out more at http://www.dimensionnxg.com.

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