FeaturesHere’s What You Missed at SplitX 2019

In May 2019 a small group of talented, passionate virtual reality (VR) industry professionals gathered in Split, Croatia. The agenda? To discuss the current momentum of the immersive technology industry and work together for the benefit of all involved. Below you can find the highlights of the event.

SplitX 2019

SplitX was a relaxed, three-day event in which host Armando Matijević invited guests from across the globe to the sunny coastal town. Taking place across various landmark locations, the event offered a series of speaker sessions and panels but was intentionally orchestrated to priorities networking and discussion amongst attendees in favour of simply sitting and listening. To that end, SplitX 2019 was a VR conference unlike any other in the world.

The line-up of speakers included Ryan Wang, Founding Partner at Outpost Capital, Jaroslav Beck, CEO of Beat Games, Jeff Burton, CEO Woodside Creek Ventures, Nancy Barker Cahill, founder of 4th Wall, Samuel Huber, CEO Admix, and Kim Baumann Larson, CEO of Dimension Design, amongst many others. Arguably more interesting however was the guest list of attendees. As an invite-only event, SplitX 2019 attracted a great number of highly motivated VR developers and industry professional from across the globe, including Jesse Damiani, Editor-at-Large of VRScout, Daan Kip, Founder of VRBASE, Krasi Nikolov, CEO of QuarkVR, Hannah Blair of VR Calm, marketing specialist Florian Glatt-Wodzynski, Ryan Groves, Founder of Arcona Music, and Dan Burgar, President & Founder of the Vancouver Chapter of the AR/VR Association, to name just a few.

SplitX 2019

While SplitX 2019 remained an invite-only event, and as such attendee numbers were strictly limited, the relaxed ‘fjaka’ attitude of the conference proved to be the antithesis to the deluge of international events hosted for immersive technology across the world every month. So much so, that the announcement of further ‘X’ events – including the intention to host the next chapter in London – was met with an incredibly warm reception from all attendees.

Below you can find a highlights video recapping some of the best moments of SplitX 2019. Those interested in attending future ‘X’ events please reach out to me at kevin.joyce@admix.in for more information.

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