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All of the companies you need to help you with all the information you need in the world of VR/AR and XR. In this blog, you’ll find a huge collection of links you can read up on till your heart’s content!    Want to download the whole list as a downloadable spreadsheet? CLICK HERE and get the resource for FREE.   Admix Admix is the first programmatic monetization solution for the next generation of entertainment...
Laarni Suguitan3 months ago

All of the companies you need to help you with all the information you need in the world of VR/AR and XR. In this blog, you’ll find a huge collection of links you can read up on till your heart’s content! 


Want to download the whole list as a downloadable spreadsheet? CLICK HERE and get the resource for FREE.



Admix is the first programmatic monetization solution for the next generation of entertainment and spatial computing era.



VRFocus is acquired by Admix. VRFocus is a UK-based specialist technology news website, which covers all aspects of immersive technology. Meaning virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). VRFocus is primarily concerned with VR entertainment.



ARWall is an AR technology company for motion picture effects, interactive experiential and location-based amusements.



SpringboardVR is an experienced management and content distribution platform for Virtual Reality. They offer headset management, content distribution, and commercial licensing for Enterprise, Education, and Location-Based Entertainment (VR Arcades). Currently serving over 500 companies in 40+ countries.


Enso Immersive

Enso Immersive is a new age technology-driven organization that enables businesses and brands to experience, understand and utilize the most advanced and sought-after technologies in the world.


8th Wall

8th Wall is a cross-platform development solution for building AR experiences that run on the mobile web and iOS/Android applications. 8th Wall increases the reach of augmented reality (AR) content with its developer platform, which makes it easy to build interactive AR experiences that run on all smartphones.


HTC Vive

Vive creates fully immersive, premium-grade virtual reality products for everyone with breathtaking graphics and lifelike sounds.


Ultraleap (Leap Motion)

Ultraleap (Leap Motion) is a software and hardware company that develops 3D motion-control technology for virtual reality and additional platforms. Ultraleap was formed when Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics came together in 2019. They’ve united the world’s most advanced hand tracking with the only haptic technology that creates the sensation of touch in mid-air.


Magic Leap

Magic Leap is an Augmented Reality US-based startup that is innovating in the AR space to create new hardware and software that will give its users a never-before-seen AR experience and redefine how we access screens and visualize data.



Oculus VR  is an American technology company founded by Palmer Luckey, Brendan Iribe, Michael Antonov, Jack McCauley, and Nate Mitchell in July 2012 in Irvine, California, now based in Menlo Park. It specializes in virtual reality hardware and software products.


Make Real

Make Real is an award-winning immersive technologies content developer and publisher creating immersive Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), 3D digital & physical products for a change, learning & development.



Omnivirt is a Virtual Reality and 360° video distribution and advertising platform for brands and publishers.


Parallel XR

Parallel XR is a leading technology and content studio which works with global brands to create interactive learning experiences using virtual reality and augmented reality based on a “Predictive Content” framework.


Samsung NEXT

Samsung NEXT champions builders and founders inventing a more purposeful future.


Schell Games

Schell Games is the largest full-service education and entertainment game development company in the United States. The studio was founded in 2002 by one of the world’s top game designers and renowned author, Jesse Schell, and is made up of talented artists, programmers, producers, and game designers. 


Scope AR

Scope AR is a global leader in developing augmented reality solutions and products for industrial clients focused around field maintenance, manufacturing, and training.



Sketchbox offers design interactive prototypes for VR/AR. Sketchbox combines best in class commercial technology with cutting-edge software to solve complex training challenges.



Ultrahaptics is a touchless haptics company that produces technology enabling users to receive tactile feedback without needing to wear or touch anything.


Unity Studios

The founders of Unity® Technologies created Unity Studios in 2008, as a development and consulting company of interactive 3D applications that primarily work with the Unity® technology.



Unity is the creator of the world’s leading real-time 3D development platform giving content creators around the world the tools to create rich, interactive 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences.



Varjo is reinventing computing by merging the digital world with the analog reality around us. Varjo makes human-eye resolution VR and XR products that help professionals in the most demanding industries push the limits of what’s ever been possible.



Sievent, an All-In-One VR ticketing platform, makes it easier to sell more tickets faster at live events. Sievent enables event organizers who do events for businesses, non-profits, civic organizations, universities, and other local organizations the power to make their event go viral thus making it easier for communities to stay connected, informed, & entertained.



IrisVR is the leading software for immersive design review, model coordination, and clash detection meetings.



Virtuix is the developer of the Virtuix Omni, Virtuix is the pioneer of the Active VR category and is the developer of the Omni – the first-of-its-kind motion platform that enables 360-degree mobility in virtual environments.


Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR is a virtual reality startup that offers a premium, fully-immersive virtual reality experience. Sandbox is a futuristic VR experience for groups of up to 6 where you can see and physically interact with everyone inside, just like the real world.



Rewind is an immersive content studio with a passion for AR, VR, MR and beyond. They deliver immersive experiences at a superior standard of quality. Rewind fuses bleeding-edge technology with award-winning creative storytelling.



GeoCV is also known as the Virtual Open House. GeoCV was founded by 3D computer vision veterans with 13 years of experience in the industry. GeoCV team has joined Occipital to launch Occipital’s Research & Development office in Moscow.



Immersal develops technologies for mobile AR, e.g. the Immersal AR Cloud SDK, a localization and mapping service for markerless, persistent, multi-user AR. Their aim is to weave digital experiences into our physical reality.



KAT VR is the commercial name for The Hangzhou Virtual and Reality Technology Co., Ltd., an independent VR hardware and software research and development company based in Hangzhou, China.



Curiscope is a UK-based augmented and virtual reality content company. Creators of the Great White Sharks 360 experience and Virtuali-Tee.


Emergent VR

Emergent VR is a technology startup building the next medium for communication using virtual reality. Emergent is the easiest way to capture, share, and discover immersive content.


Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch is an immersive professional 3D design software used by designers in the automotive, apparel and film industries. It is the design platform for teams that create, collaborate, and review in 3D.


Eon Reality

EON Reality is the world leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality based knowledge transfer for industry and education.



ZeroKey is a Calgary-based tech start-up specializing in transformational IoT sensor technology that provides wire-area, real-time, and ultra-high accuracy 3D tracking across large spaces and buildings.



Futurus is a future technology company. They work with the latest in tech to bring one of a kind experiences to their clients. Immersive and interactive engagement brings new life to any product or service presentation.



GOVR is a Brighton-based VR cafe located on the first floor above Presuming Ed’s Coffee House. They aim to make it easy and affordable for everybody to enjoy virtual reality to its fullest. They believe that‘s the best way to leap forward.



Hammerhead is an immersive media company. They create VR applications that push the boundaries to deliver unbelievably real and comfortable experiences, and harness VR to take people wherever their imaginations lead.



HolosphereVR was founded with the goal of building a Birmingham-based studio with a skilled team, to create world-class, immersive VR solutions.



Imverse is a voxel graphics company creating 3D technology for XR (VR/AR/MR) and Location-Based Entertainment (LBE).


Inflight VR

Inflight VR was founded in October 2014 when the potential of VR was still in its infancy. They have offices in Munich and Barcelona that is creating the virtual reality ecosystem for the aviation industry.



LightboxVR provides automated 3D scans of products to enable next-gen retail experiences. Lightbox is reinventing product photography in the age of augmented reality.



They’ve been creating experiential marketing, transformative training and disrupting sectors with software since 1998. Fundamentally, they can only fuse the real and digital worlds together by combining creative and technical expertise.


Redpill VR

Redpill VR is a technology company focused on creating the future of music through our groundbreaking interactive social experiences and content platform that connects us all through the power of music, creativity, and art in stunning, high-end virtual reality.


Pupil Labs

They founded Pupil Labs in 2014 around a single product – Pupil Core – a platform that is comprised of an open-source software suite and a wearable eye-tracking headset. Pupil Core is more than just a product, it is an open platform used by a global community of researchers.



Metanaut is a small award-winning team of virtual reality enthusiasts who are passionate about building a better future. They also focus on developing fun and valuable VR apps and games that are exceptional in design.


Pluto VR

Pluto VR is a spatial computing communication service. The Pluto alpha is now available on Steam. It requires a Valve HTC VIVE, a Windows Mixed Reality headset, or an Oculus Rift. Pluto VR offers shared presence communication through virtual and augmented reality technology.


Qbit Technologies

Qbit Technologies is a virtual reality company, based in Palo Alto, California and in Venice, Italy, specializing in the design and production of virtual and augmented reality solutions for enterprises.



Survios is a virtual reality company that creates groundbreaking interactive content powered by cutting edge immersive technology.



The best way to discover VR content with the largest VR creator network.



WITHIN is a virtual reality and augmented reality media and technology company. Within is the premier destination for innovative, entertaining, and informative story-based virtual and augmented reality.



Everything you need to know about ZAPPAR is in those six letters of their name. It’s an APP using AR that lets you ZAP stuff. It is the world’s leading Augmented Reality platform and creative studio.



YIPP is a studio specialized in designing and producing digital media applications. They do immersive installations, apps, VR, AR, games and more.



Wevr is an independent studio committed to creating extraordinary immersive entertainment experiences. Wevr has been exploring immersive storytelling since the company was founded in 2010.



WeLens provides a seamless VR solution that is ideal for live events.



VividQ is a deep tech software company with world-leading expertise in 3D holography. VividQ offers patented software to enable mass adoption of holographic display in AR/VR headsets/smart glasses, automotive head-up displays, and consumer electronics.



VirtuLabs is a creative and technical innovation lab producing unique software and media for interactive experiences. Through 3D design and animation, prototyping, research, and programming, they create story-driven software solutions.



Tribe is building the platform for immersive real-world skills training. They help people level up, giving them the skills to succeed.


The VR Company

The Virtual Reality Company (VRC) is a content studio and production company that combines the best in narrative storytelling, technology, art, and gaming to create compelling and immersive VR experiences for people around the world.



The VOID is the most immersive virtual reality destination…ever. The VOID allows you to travel into your favorite film, be your favorite character, and experience the impossible. Guests are encouraged to explore their physical surroundings while interacting with a dynamic, virtual world.



Spatial is an Augmented Reality software company, building the foundational apps for AR as the next computing platform.



SPACES provides a unique and ground-breaking service: transportation to new realities. SPACES delivers totally unique VR, AR and MR experience through cutting-edge technology in theme parks and retail locations around the world.



Polyarc is a virtual reality-focused game company founded in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.


Pocket Sized Hands

Pocket Sized Hands is a software and games company based in Sunny Dundee, Scotland. They make fun and immersive augmented/virtual reality games and experiences.



Minsar is a cross-platform fully integrated CMS. MINSAR is a code-free platform that allows creative professionals to build, distribute, and collaborate on AR & VR experiences directly through their 3D headset, tablet, or smartphone.



Scape’s first product is an SDK that allows AR content to be anchored to specific locations, outside and at an unprecedented scale.



FundamentalVR has been working with leading pharmaceutical companies to combine virtual and mixed reality with haptic feedback using their ‘FeelRealVR’ platform to create simulated surgical procedures to help educate and train healthcare professionals.



Niantic builds an augmented reality platform for current and future generations of AR hardware.



Immertec is a virtual reality platform for medical device companies to train their physician customers in real-time. It allows multiple physicians to connect remotely to an operating room and collaborate.



At Nreal, they aim to make mixed reality available and accessible to everyone. They strive to realize the full potential of mixed reality by empowering developers to create ground-breaking applications that can ultimately propel a new era of entertainment, productivity and more.



Talespin creates enterprise XR (virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) workforce transformation solutions.



Augment is the platform for 3D and augmented reality product visualization.



RE’FLEKT is a Munich based tech­no­logy company that enables any busi­ness or industry to create its own in-house Augmented and Mixed Reality appli­ca­tions. By making AR and VR afford­able and scalable for busi­ness, RE’FLEKT’s ground­brea­king human-centered plat­forms empower anyone to simply infuse their industry know­ledge into custo­mized AR and MR solu­tions.



NEXT/NOW is a creative technology agency that produces next-generation digital/physical experiences for world-class brands. They created a website and motion graphics for a consumer goods company’s trade show interactive photo booth. NEXT/NOW built a website to host a virtual competition and developed an LED screen.


Gramercy Tech

Gramercy Tech is a boutique technology company offering UX/UI design, custom software development, AR/VR development, and IT consulting services.


Spectre Studios

Spectre Studios is the leading XR studio in Australia that’s bringing feature films into true room-scale VR.


Groove Jones

Groove Jones is a creative technology company that produces next-generation experiences for world-class brands. They are best known for their award-winning work in AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), ML (Machine Learning), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Application development.


Aero Glass

Aero Glass provides a true, 3D Augmented Reality Aerial Navigation experience, by overlaying aviation navigation information on reality in the pilot vision, using Head-Mounted Displays like Google Glass.



AltspaceVR brings people together in virtual reality from over 175 countries to attend meetings, comedy shows, yoga classes, dance parties, play games, stream content or share anything on the web. AltspaceVR will help Microsoft build the world’s preeminent mixed reality community and enable the world to communicate in the most natural and fulfilling way possible online.



Blippar is a leading technology company specializing in Augmented Reality and Computer Vision (AI).



JanusVR re-imagines webpages as collaborative 3D web spaces interconnected by portals.



Metaverse is an Augmented Reality (AR) platform that makes it easy for non-programmers to create sophisticated, interactive, AR experiences.



NextVR is a technology company that captures and delivers live and on-demand virtual reality experiences.


Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR)

OSVR is a movement founded to create a universal open-source VR ecosystem for technologies across different brands and companies. Giving you the freedom to combine different brands of HMDs and Controllers to experience VR the way they want to.



Sketchfab is empowering a new era of creativity by making it easy for anyone to publish and find 3D content online.



StarVR Corporation is dedicated to the innovation of professional virtual reality solutions, with a focus on high-end enterprise applications and location-based entertainment.



WEARVR is the world’s leading independent Virtual Reality App store. Founded in 2014 and funded in 2015 and 2017 we have offices in Atlanta USA and Leeds UK.



WorldViz Virtual Reality solutions revolutionize how we share information, empowering businesses with new collaboration techniques.



Avegant is developing next-generation display technology to enable previously impossible augmented reality experiences.



DAQRI, the leader in Professional Grade AR™, empowers workforces to be more effective. DAQRI Worksense™ and DAQRI Smart Glasses® link digital content to the real world to accelerate productivity, communication, and key business processes.



DigiLens is helping industry leaders and manufacturers power next-generation augmented and virtual reality devices through our breakthrough proprietary display technology and photopolymer.



Improbable is dedicated to building powerful technology designed to help solve previously impossible problems and enable the creation of new realities. In gaming and entertainment, Improbable unlocks truly next-generation gameplay through virtual worlds of unprecedented scale, persistence, and richness.



Lumus products enable the fusion of the digital and physical world, allowing businesses and individuals to maximize the potential of augmented reality and smart eyewear today.



MelodyVR is a virtual reality platform that lets you stand on stage at sold-out shows through your VR headset or mobile.



VRSim develops immersive simulations and interactive software focused on skill development and mastery.



WaveOptics, designs and manufactures waveguides for AR wearables. The company aims to be the key optical component in wearable augmented reality devices.



GoPhygital creates innovative Phygital solutions that go beyond the ‘digital only’ domain.



Doyodu is an immersive technology company that offers a wide range of XR technology development and high-end, 3D Data Services.



Zuzor provides a computer system add-on for digital displays providing motion and gesture activated interactive advertisement and experiential content.


Foundry 45

Foundry 45 delivers immersive virtual and augmented reality training applications for global enterprise customers. The Foundry 45 team consists of engineers, data scientists, training leaders, development specialists, and marketing professionals well versed in a wide range of emerging technologies.



Plattar is the Augmented Reality Platform for Product Experiences.


VR World

VR World is an entertainment lifestyle technology company operating virtual reality location-based entertainment venues (VRLBE).



ARLOOPA Inc. is an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) app and game development company which provides advanced AR and VR services.


Want to download the whole list as a downloadable spreadsheet? CLICK HERE and get the resource for FREE.

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