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Allan McKay has been working in Visual Effects for over 20 years. Today he works mainly as a VFX Supervisor and FX Technical Director based in Los Angeles and relies on a Leica Geosystems BLK360 reality capture scanner. Some of his more recent projects include Transformer 3, The Equalizer, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Flight, Superman, Metallica, 2012, The Last Airbender, Daybreaks, and many others. He’s worked on video games including Destiny, Call of Duty and The Division. He’s also worked closely with Oscar and Emmy nominated directors Robert Zemeckis and M. Night Shyamalan. Additionally, Allan builds tutorials and training content, has written for magazines including 3D World, and has published books on VFX. He has spoken at conferences like SIGGRAPH and Autodesk University, and given talks at Industrial Light and Magic, Ubisoft, and Activision.

Dinosaurs walking the earth. On-screen villains turning to dust before our eyes. Classic shots of the Empire State Building and The White House. It’s the stuff of movie magic that viewers have come to expect. Thanks to VFX, those dinosaurs look real. The dust feels like it’s falling in our laps, and you feel like you are scaling the Empire State Building or sitting in the Oval Office.